The solution to coat big molds and dies with PVD.

Tooling Concepts Inc., our standing customer in the US, with locations in Olivet MI and Bowling Green KY increased its PVD capabilities with the brand new PVD coating system TST 2500.

TST2500 – Facts and figures:
• Chamber: Ø1400 mm x 1600 mm H / Ø 55” x 63” H
• Volume: Ø900 mm x 1160 mm H (optional up to Ø1000 mm possible) Ø35.5“ x 45,5“ H (optional up to Ø 39,5“ possible)
• Load: 3000 kg / 6600 lb
• Coatings: all coatings of the Tronic Concept Coating Portfolio incl. DUPLEX (plasma nitriding + PVD insitu) available

This big volume offers TCI the possibility to widen their product range or rather shorten the lead time due to the Duplex process combination. Mold & dies like big molds for aluminum die-casting, that weren’t possible to PVD coat before can be handled now. The Duplex process, a combination of plasma nitriding and PVD coating offers unique properties especially for metal forming applications.