Tronic Concept cutting tool technology

One of the main reasons for tool failure or unstable operation of tools with coating is insufficiently homogeneity and coating thickness distribution of the coating machine or across different cycles. Tronic Concept addressed the problem and designs coating systems, technologies and substrate holders ensuring maximum possible uniformity of the coating layer thickness. The controllability of the layer thickness is particularly important in modern high-performance applications of tools which are manufactured with ever more strict allowances. A strict continuous control of the technological process and an efficient fixation of the tools optimize the coating structure, whether it is Monolayer-, Multilayer-, Nanolayeror Gradientlayer structure

Coating system table:

Tronic Concept is a leading manufacturer in the area of thin film technology and, in particular, designs coatings for specific applications, depending on the clients’ needs. By their characteristics, such coatings are superior to the conventional general-type coatings used up till now in order to embrace the widest possible range of applications.

Naturally, the mechanical properties of cutting tools may be adapted to various types of application. This includes not only selection of the type of processing or application, but also the parameters of processing, such as speed, feed and various coolants used.

In designing high performance coatings for specific applications, the researchers and engineers of Tronic Concept take into account the following characteristics:

  • High hardness for the protection from abrasive wear
  • Low friction coefficient for reducing adhesive wear
  • Oxidation resistance for reducing chemical wear
  • Low heat conduction
  • Heat stability as thermal resistance
  • Toughness at impact loads
  • Smooth surface for easy removal of chips
  • Good appearance

Tronic Concept layer composition: the Tronic Concept machines use up to 4 target materials

Tronic Concept coating structure: monolayer, multilayer, nanolayer, nano-structured, gradient and Duplex layers

Tronic Concept edge preparation units: delivered with processes for:

  • Edge rounding
  • Chip flute polishing
  • Honing of carbide drills
  • Edge preparation of cutting inserts
  • Surface and edge preparation of hob cutters
  • Deburring of taps
  • Post polishing of coated tools for reducing the friction coefficient and preventing built-up edges during tool operation

Tronic Concept Tronic Concept may help you to select the most suitable coating and tune the processing parameters.