High efficiency coatings for Forming, molding and die casting

Tronic Concept avails of an optimized solution for all applications. Tools, for instance, for deep drawing, deburring, punching, profile cutting, cold forming, hot stamping, hot forging, powder compaction, molding of non-ferrous metals or aluminum die casting require different characteristics of their surface for optimum operation.

Tronic Concept Duplex coating:

Plasma nitriding + PVD coating

The coating performance may be considerably enhanced if the mechanical characteristics of the main material bearing structure under the coating has been adapted to its requirements. The nitride layer creates a graduated interface between the layer and the material which is harder and less sensitive to microcracks due to stress loads during forming. The enhanced characteristics are obtained when the nitride layer and the PVD coating are made in a single cycle (in-situ).

The Tronic Concept coating application units for forming and casting are provided with specially designed equipment and processes which allow the nitriding process to be performed in the coating application unit.

Such processes as forming, hot forging and die casting, require enhanced mechanical characteristics of the lower layer for reaching the hardness gradient from the substrate to the hard PVD layer. The nitride layer enhances the compressive strength, thermal stability and thermal fatigue properties.

Tronic Concept offers technical support in order to help you select the coating optimized for your application parameters.

High performance coatings can only be designed if the following six characteristics are taken into consideration:

  • High hardness for protection from wear
  • Thermal stability for application at high temperatures
  • High toughnessfor forming high-strength steel
  • Low friction coefficient for reducing adhesive wear and micro welding
  • Thermal stability for improving thermal resistance and thermal fatigue
  • Oxidation resistance for hot forging, hot-stamping and aluminum die casting.

For application in plastics injection molding, such as cavities, rods and pouring head systems, the following additional characteristics are required.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Abrasive hardness
  • Improved filling and seperation of the cast

The selection of an optimized coating also depends on the substrate and the application conditions:

  • Substrate material tool steel, cemented carbide, non-ferrous metals, clean surface, etc.
  • Heat treatment critical conditions of quenching and tempering
  • Workpiece temperature cold forming, hot forming, die casting, etc.
  • Tool failure abrasive wear, chemical wear, chipping, heat checking, edge wear, oxidation, weld deposition, etc.

The individually designed portfolio of Tronic Concept offers an optimum balance of all coating properties for each application.

Big die with DUPLEX Form coating
Cold forming, DP 590 steel DUPLEX Form coated: 1,300,000 parts manufactured before re-coating
450 lb die of stainless-steel muffler, DUPLEX Form coated. More than 700,000 pieces manufactured prior to stripping and recoating.

Coating system table: