High-performance coating systems

Flexible PVD systems for hard- and tribological coatings

All our systems are modular and allow the use of different technological configurations according to customer requirements and future needs.

Coating system table:

Available technological configurations

  • Arc
  • Sputter
  • Hybrid Arc / Sputter
  • Hybrid PVD / PeCVD
  • Duplex DLC and Duplex PVD

Productivity advantages

  • New: HPIES High Performance Ion etching System HPIES High Performance Ion etching System
  • High efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Low production costs
  • Einfache Handhabung
  • Faster and simpler target exchange
  • • Insignificant deviations in the layer thickness +/-0.1 um
  • Local customer support service
  • Configuration based on the customer specifications
  • Coating process with up to four different target materials

Diverse range of coatings

  • Single-layer, multilayer, nanolayer, nano-structured, gradient and duplex coatings

    Individual range of coatings for:

    • Cutting tools and specific applications
    • Forming and molding
    • Precision components