About us:

     – 2013 foundation as service provider for:
     PVD Service (various vendors)
     Maintenance and repair of PVD machines
     Spare- & wear part service
     Refurbishing of machines
     - 2016 partnership with PVD technology provider PD2i Europe GmbH
     - Integration of PD2i Europe GmbH business activities into Tronic Concept GmbH

We offer:
     – PVD and PeCVD coating machines, DLC machines, hybrid technology, plasma nitriding and Duplex PVD systems
     – Edge preparation units
     – Turnkey solutions
     – Components for plasma technologies (magnetron, arc sources, „filtered“ arc, ion sources, etc.)
     – Service, troubleshooting and spares for PVD & DLC units
     – F&E und Beratung für jegliche Bearbeitungsanwendungen; beginnend mit dem Design der Schneidkante, Entwicklung der richtigen PVD Beschichtung für die vorgesehene              Anwendung bis hin zur Nachbearbeitung der Schneidkante, zugehöriger Qualitätskontrolle, Dokumentation oder Bearbeitungstests.
     – R&D and consulting on tools for forming and die casting and precision components for coating and nitriding technologies
     – Design / R&D for PVD and PeCVD coatings

Our team